Tuesday, November 25, 2008

roasted red pepper houmous

This is an easy and really tasty variation on the standard houmous theme. Pita, salads, you name it, this can go with anything (except ice cream and tea and cake and stuff).

You need:
*1 tin of chickpeas
*1 medium red pepper
*1 clove of garlic
*1 tbs tahini
*1 generous squirt of lemon juice
*1 drizzle olive oil
*1 small chilli

Deseed and chop the pepper into strips. Shove it on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil. Then stuff it in a hot oven or under the grill until it has gone soft.

Making houmous is really easy and totally rewarding. Put all the remaining ingredients into a blender. Add the roasted red pepper and chilli to taste. Give it a damned good whiz. You might need to add a little cold water, but take it very easy and don't overdo it as the pepper will add a lot of moisture to the mix.

Some people like their houmous chunky, but that's pants - blend it to oblivion.

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foggy said...

even tastier when made for you!